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The terms that are explained in this lexicon of music are listed in an alphabetical index. It involves only such terms which are relevant for the explanation of the modern music. Hence, it is not about particular composers, epochs or styles, but about the general definitions of the tonal music. However, the explication of the musical terms is not ordered alphabetically, but according to their thematic connection. Therefore, the articles can be read consecutively, and they offer not only ideas of what the respective term means, but they give an introduction into the harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic subject area. Hence, the lexicon of music cannot only be used to look up a term, as is usually the case, but also for studies of complete subject areas. The systematical index offers an overview of the logical order of the keywords.

The systematology of the terms, on the other hand, is oriented towards the inner connection between harmonics, rhythmics, and melodics, as is outlined in the book "Tonal Music". However, the lexicon contains only summaries, abstracts, and theses, whereas the underlying book contains the theoretical deduction of the musical basic forms, with all the requirements of science:  analyses, justifications, evidence, arguments, refutation of false concepts. Further details in Literature and Documents.

The technical terms of music are presented on eight pages in this lexicon: The three basic forms of harmony are represented on three pages: consonance, tonality and modulation. The basic terms of rhythm can be found on a separate page. The melodics is dealt with on the pages on degree ratios, counterpoint and motivics. A page for digressions contains theses to which reference is made from various pages. The theses are clarifications of the relationship in which modal, tonal and atonal music each stand to aesthetics, as well as of the concept of aesthetics itself. Apart from these additions, the page structure results from the progress of the conceptual development:

Consonance Tonality Modulation Rhythmics Degree ratios Counterpoint Motivics Disgressions

If you want to understand tonal music systematically, start with the simplest sound form, i.e. with the logical starting point of tonal music and its representation in this encyclopaedia: start with the consonance. Or read the detailed presentation of the consonance in the first chapter of the corresponding book, which is available here as a PDF file.

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